Trust, Safety & Insurance

The safety of our service providers, users and parcels under our custody are important to us. For this purpose, we have built the following into your experience:

Well-trained service providers
Service Providers hired by x-tra are well-trained in knowledge, skill and attitude for Users safety and dependence, to deliver quality services to customers/app users.

Rigorous and efficient vehicle inspection
x-tra partners with Napmantronix and other reputable corporate entities to ensure vehicles being utilized to provide services are fully-functional and suitable for service type.

In-built safety panic button
A distress button is integrated in x-tra app, which allows service providers and users report life-threatening circumstances to activate rapid deployment of emergency response from our partner security service provider.

Customer support
Our customer support team is available via telephone, email and chat 24/7.

Insurance coverage
x-tra insurance covers for third-party injury, accidental damage, theft and fire damage to vehicle; death/disability/assault to both provider and user; and loss of goods while x-tra apps are in use.

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